Freight FAQ

What is the difference between shipping and freight handling?

  • Shipping is making arrangements with a carrier or courier to transport your exhibit materials to the advanced warehouse or to show site and/or outbound from the show to your specified destination.
  • Freight handling is the service provided by C-1 to handle your shipment once it arrives to the advanced warehouse or at show site until it leaves show site. This includes unloading of freight, storing at warehouse, delivery to show (if sent in advance) and your booth, storage of empty containers, return of empty containers, handling to dock area, reloading onto carrier.

Can I carry my own materials in?

  • Exhibitors are permitted to bring in material that can be hand carried by one person in one trip, without the use of dollies, hand trucks, or other mechanical equipment.
  • When exhibitors choose to hand carry in accordance with the foregoing, they will not be permitted access to the dock area.
  • This depends on the city, state, and venue where the event is being held.

Do I send my shipment prepaid or collect?

  • Only prepaid shipments will be accepted. This ensures that transportation charges will be paid by the exhibitor or third party.
  • Collect shipments will be returned to the delivering carrier.

How do I estimate my cost?

  • Freight handling rates apply to each CWT (100 lb. increments) or fraction thereof, and are based on the actual inbound weight. To calculate total pounds of shipment, round up each total shipment weight to the nearest 100 lbs. (ex: 325 lbs. would be rounded to 400 lbs.). Any weight of 26-200 lbs. should be calculated at 200 lb. minimum.

What is a bill of lading?

  • A Bill of Lading (BOL) is a document that establishes the terms between a shipper and a transportation company. This carrier issued receipt indicates the condition the transported material is received and includes piece count, weight, and type of merchandise.
  • A certified weight ticket is required to avoid surcharges. A weight ticket that is hand-written is not accepted as certified.

How do I label my packages?

  • To ensure safe arrival of your material, each item should be properly labeled with the exhibiting company’s name, the booth number, and the name of the event.
  • Labels for Advance to Warehouse or Direct to Show Site are enclosed on the pages following the freight handling order form.

Do I need insurance for my shipment?

  • It is highly recommended that your materials are insured from the time they leave your firm until they are returned after the show. Exhibitors are encouraged to arrange all-risk coverage by placing “riders” to your existing polices. C-1 Trade Show Service is not an insurer. Please visit for more information.

What happens to my empty containers during the show?

  • You can pick up empty labels at the C-1 Service Center to label each of your pieces for empty storage. These labeled pieces will be picked up and stored by the end of move-in hours.
  • At the close of the event, empty containers will be returned to booth once aisle carpet has been removed/visqueen has been placed in aisles (if applicable). Depending on the size of the show, this could take up to several hours.

How do I ship my material at the close of the show?

  • Shipping information, labels, Bill of Lading and personal assistance are available at the C-1 Service Center. Each shipment must be properly labeled and have a completed Bill of Lading to ship materials from the show.
  • Call your designated carrier with pick-up information and turn the completed Bill of Lading into the C-1 Service Center to ensure pick up once your exhibit is packed up. Remember to leave ample time for empties to be returned.

What happens if my carrier does not show up by the designated time?

  • Should your carrier fail to pick up or refuse to accept shipment, C-1 reserves the right to reroute to the show carrier or deliver back to the warehouse at the Exhibitor’s expense.
  • Shipments can be returned to the warehouse for holding or re-forwarding until your carrier arrives to pick it up.