Can I substitute my table included in the booth package for another table?
We define your booth package furnishings with show management. If an exhibitor wishes to have something other than what is included, they must order and pay for it in full. This includes a different table skirting color as well.

Are rental prices per day?
No. Rental prices are applicable for the duration of the show. The only price that is per day is cleaning (see Carpet Cleaning Order Form).

Am I able to order/utilize furniture from the facility?
No. That is strictly prohibited. Booth furnishings such as tables, chairs, and cocktail rounds must be ordered directly through C-1 Trade Show Services.

What happens if I forget to choose a skirt color for my table?
C-1 will first contact exhibitors for their preference. If we don’t hear back from you, the show color will be chosen.

What chairs will fit under the 40” high tables?
The upholstered stools fit under the counter-height, 40” high tables.

Will a 9’ x 10’ carpet fit in my 10’ x 10’ booth?
Yes. It is typical in the tradeshow industry to leave a small gap in the back of a booth for any electrical cords, telephone cords, etc. This gap will be covered by the 8’ high drape in the back of your booth.

Can I order two 9’ x 20’ carpets for my 20’ x 20’ island booth?
Although the gap in a 10’ x 10’ booth is no problem, a gap in an island booth is a gap that can be seen. Aisle carpet will line the perimeter of your booth. The 9’ carpets are meant to line up with the aisle carpet. This would leave a 2’ gap down the center of your island booth. For an island booth, you must order special cut and lay carpet.

Am I allowed to bring my own furniture or carpet?
Yes this is allowed. Please be aware though that freight handling charges will be applicable. Please consider what will be most cost effective for you and your company.

My booth is dirty from moving in…will C-1 clean it?
Carpet is clean when installed. If it needs to be vacuumed from move-in, exhibitors are able to order opening day only cleaning or daily booth cleaning through the Carpet Cleaning Order Form.

My booth is too complicated/fragile for C-1 labor members to handle – can we work something out?
Exhibitors are more than welcome to supervise and work along with the C-1 staff. The labor members work with trade show displays often and are familiar with installing and dismantling. If you are unhappy with the workers provided, please see the C-1 service desk immediately.

Do I have to hire union labor if a display house is handling my installation and dismantle?
Your display house is required to use the same union that has jurisdiction at the show facility. The display house should be aware of this, but it would be smart to double check with your appointed display house to ensure a smooth move in.

What if I need to leave before my empties are returned?
You can order C-1 supervised dismantle labor by filling out the Labor Form and BOL at the C-1 Service Center. Please leave all dismantle and outbound shipping information and be sure you have a credit card on file. C-1 will dismantle, pack up and ship out your booth materials for you.

When will my credit card be charged?
After the start of the show, once all your orders have been placed in our booth. Your invoice will be emailed reflecting the payment applied.